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Statement of General Policy

Statement of General Policy

It is the policy of Jones Oil Ltd. to promote standards of Health and Safety in our workplace
which will lead to the avoidance or reduction of risks of accident or illness, and to adopt the
best practical methods of compliance with the Safety Health and Welfare at work Act SI No 10
of 2005, the Safety Health and Welfare at work (General Applications) Regulations 1993, the
Dangerous Substances (Retail and Private Petroleum Stores) Regulations, SI 313 1979,
Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road Regulations SI No. 405 of 2006 (ADR miscellaneous
Provisions) Regulations 2006, SI No 406 of 2006 and other relevant legislation, existing now,
or introduced in the future.

We believe that considerations of Health and Safety rank equally with all other management
functions in the ordering of our business.

We will strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees,
and to meet our obligations to contractors, visitors and members of the public who may be
affected by our workplace operations.

Management and Staff will carry out their duties acknowledging that safety considerations
are necessary to prevent injury and ill health, and will recognise this and promote it as part
of their ongoing duties. Our employees are reminded of their own responsibilities and duties
under the legislation, and that their co-operation with management in the promotion of a safe
and healthy workplace is most important. Staff and other interested persons are encouraged
to offer their suggestions for improvement of the consultation procedure, which is part of the
overall Safety Policy. Jones Oil Ltd., view the provision of safe and healthy work processes
and premises as an ongoing joint effort between management and staff.

All contractors and visitors are expected to co-operate with the Company in compliance
with the requirements of this Safety Statement and all Health and Safety Legislation and
must ensure that their own work is carried out without risk to themselves or others.

Jones Oil Ltd. will review this Safety Statement periodically, to recognise changes and
developments in the workplace as they arise.


Patrick Nevin
Managing Director
Jones Oil Limited.

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