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Energy Leaks Through Colour

by Jones Oil

Home Energy Heat Loss

Usually when something leaks, it gets fixed, especially when it’s on the market! For example, few people notice a leaking pipe in the house they are selling and do nothing about it. This is because a leak means a loss. Most potential customers are not interested in buying a house with known issues, like leaky pipes.

Due largely to the mentality of needing to see things to even notice them (our world is too fast-paced to be aware of everything, particularly invisible things) few people think about energy leaks. Yet, energy leaks are exceedingly common in homes. At this point in time, energy leakage hardly affects the selling value of a home because it is out of sight, and thus out of mind.

One company, however, recognizes the real issue behind leakages. Leaks create a loss of finance because they cause a loss of functioning capacity. Using the leaky pipe example, consider that whether or not the home is on the market, if it has a leaky pipe it will be fixed because the leak means the homeowner is paying for water gone to waste (and likely creating a mess)! Essess is a Boston-based energy-efficiency company. It considers energy leakage to be a loss that prospective homeowners (or any property owner) should be aware of and doing something about simply because loss isn’t good.

According to David Ferris, who wrote this article about Essess and what the company does, energy-efficiency doesn’t seem all that exciting, but the company is trying to change that.

Essess, recognizing that much of the world today follows the “out of sight, out of mind” sort of mentality, has become the “Google street view of energy efficiency”. A van drives around at night time hours appropriate for the company’s infrared cameras capturing images of homes’ energy leakages. The company hopes to use these photos to call attention to energy leakage and to offer information to homeowners on fixing the leaks. Real Estate companies will hopefully be able to use this information as well, selling homes that are energy efficient and thus more efficient for homeowners.

Although the whole ordeal might sound boring, it is important enough to be exciting for more than financial reasons. The article by Ferris cites the statistic that “forty percent of America’s energy use is from buildings, and forty five percent of that is from space heating”. With the world experiencing great changes that are causing alarm concerning the environment and sustainability, technology and information like Essess is offering is essential to changing the mentality of the wasteful world.

As Essess introduces this exciting, important information technology to the world, it is also forming partnerships in the corporate world to allow it to set homeowners or real estate companies up with those companies and services which can fix energy leaks. This will allow Essess a great deal of power, which, hopefully will be wielded well as the company seeks to better the environment and financial situation of many through energy efficiency efforts.

New Year, new website

by Jones Oil

The Jones Oil website has undergone a minor makeover, all in an effort to make it quicker and easier for you to order online.

Of course, with any new system, there may be teething problems. If you’re experiencing any issues with the online order facility, please do let us know, so that we can improve it for everyone.