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20 of the Internet’s Most Awesome Snowmen

by Jones Oil

According to every tabloid newspaper since September, every year, this Christmas will be the coldest, whitest on record. Almost every festive decoration and card you own will probably involve a snow scene. And if you’re brave enough to venture into a shopping mall at this time of year, you’ll be confronted with piles of polystyrene, plastic and paper replacements for the real deal: the world is snow mad. The jury’s still out on whether Christmas will be white, but sooner or later, this winter should give us at least one snow day. And when it comes, don’t think you’ll get away with building a plain old carrot-and-coal snowman. Modern snowmen are creative, comedic and sometimes plain scary. So, stick on the heating, grab a cuppa and peruse the internet’s finest snowmen. Now, what will you build? Read the rest of this entry »

Christmas Safety Tips Sources

by Jones Oil

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Winter Hacks Infographic Sources

by Jones Oil


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