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Top Ten Oil Tycoons

by Jones Oil

brought to you by Jones Oil – the home heating oil provider. I control the majority of the world’s wealth, I’m mainly found in Russia and everyone just WISHES they were my kid. What am I? Yep. You guessed it. I’m an oil tycoon. You don’t need a degree to be an oil baron, in […]

How Oil Has Propelled Society

by Jones Oil

brought to you by Jones Oil – The home heating oil providers. Oil is everywhere. Whether you’re filling up your car, sketching with some crayons, or wearing pantyhose (yep that’s right, their nylon is a petroleum-derived thermoplastic), you’re using it. Our society relies on it fundamentally. Without it, we’d probably still be trying to keep […]

Farmers Markets Infographic Sources

by Jones Oil


Energy Use Per Household Item

by Jones Oil

Brought to you by Jones Oil Home Heating Please click the image to see it in full-size. Embed Energy Use Per Household Item on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below Energy Use Per Household Item – An infographic by Jones Oil

20 of the Internet’s Most Awesome Snowmen

by Jones Oil

According to every tabloid newspaper since September, every year, this Christmas will be the coldest, whitest on record. Almost every festive decoration and card you own will probably involve a snow scene. And if you’re brave enough to venture into a shopping mall at this time of year, you’ll be confronted with piles of polystyrene, […]

Christmas Safety Tips Sources

by Jones Oil

Fireservice UK Christmas Safety Advice Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Christmas Safety Tips Wishing You a Safe and Happy Christmas The Safe Network Child Safety at Christmas UK National Health Service Prevent Christmas Injuries UK National Health Service 12 Tips for a Healthy Christmas An Garda […]