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Energy Leaks Through Colour

by Jones Oil

Usually when something leaks, it gets fixed, especially when it’s on the market! For example, few people notice a leaking pipe in the house they are selling and do nothing about it. This is because a leak means a loss. Most potential customers are not interested in buying a house with known issues, like leaky […]

New Year, new website

by Jones Oil

The Jones Oil website has undergone a minor makeover, all in an effort to make it quicker and easier for you to order online. Of course, with any new system, there may be teething problems. If you’re experiencing any issues with the online order facility, please do let us know, so that we can improve […]

How You Can Help Your Elderly Relations Keep Warm this Winter

by Jones Oil

The prospect of yet another cold-snap in Ireland is enough to make anyone shiver. However, a particular thought should be spared for elderly relatives who are far more susceptible to the cold weather than younger people. Statistics from the National Health Service suggest that around 30,000 people die of illnesses related to cold weather every […]

9 Back to School Money Saving Tips

by Jones Oil

Getting children back to school is probably the most hectic time of the year, especially if there is more than one child at home. With the recent economic recession adding to the financial woes of households, parents are adopting several shopping patterns to minimise the costs on getting children back to school. Usage of coupons, […]

Impact of Women in Agriculture Sources

by Jones Oil