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Top 21 Rad Radiators

by Jones Oil

It’s that time of year again: leaves are falling, stodgy food is calling and there’s no chance of drying your washing on the line. Best crank up the central heating, then. After a long summer of standing still, looking boring and being cold, it’s time for your radiators to continue standing still and looking boring whilst they dry your clothes and creak creepily when you’re trying to get to sleep. But hang on – who said radiators had to look boring? None of the designers who created these beauties, that’s who. Forget the dull eyesores that are stuck to almost everyone’s walls: this is art. If you thought radiators were all plain white oblongs, our list of the coolest radiators on the planet says you’re wrong. Here goes…

1. Like a Bra

Like a BraImage Source

Above: When we first saw this conical / comical radiator, we wanted to make a joke about Madonna, but it turns out the manufacturer beat us to it: the Aeon Madonna fully acknowledges its similarities to history’s most famous bra.

2. His ‘n’ Hers

His ‘n’ HersImage Source

Above: .. or hers and his, his and his, if the line-up in this photograph is anything to go by. These gender-specific steel radiators by Andrea Crosetta are the next level up from classic his ‘n’ hers bath towels.

3. Self Defence

Self DefenceImage Source

Above: Some people reckon a white picket fence is the ultimate symbol of perfect suburbia; a message to vistors to your home that you’ve made it in life. If you don’t have a garden, or you just fancy having something a bit kitsch that also warms your home, you’ll love Lucy Merchant’s Picket Fence Radiator (cat not included.)

4. Hot Stuff

Hot StuffImage Source

Above: In case you need reminding not to burn yourself on your radiator, this typographical creation spells out a warning for you. It also turns from chrome to red when the heat is on. Impressive.

5. The Thermosaurus Rex

The Thermosaurus RexImage Source

The Thermosaurus Rex 2Image Source

Above: Of course somebody came up with the idea of making a radiator into a cast iron T-rex skeleton that looks great in a bobble hat. We think the Thermosaurus is designed for children’s bedrooms, but we want it in our living room. With the hat.

6. Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you sitting comfortably?Image Source

Are you sitting comfortably? 2Image Source

Above: A place to stack fluffy bath towels, have a sit down or store your dog, the Slice Radiator Chair by Burak Kocak combines good looks with clever design.

7. Hole in One

Hole in OneImage Source

Hole in One 2Image Source

Above: Everybody knows cats love radiators – and with the Fedora radiator, they get their very own cosy cubby hole. Chances are, your moggy will still want to sleep on your bed or in a shoe box. That’s fine: you’ll get to use the space to put your feet up and let them thaw. And you can use it as a warming perch for hot drinks. Not only that, the inside of the shelf also doubles up as a footstool, for those hard-to-reach spots. Could a radiator possibly be more functional than this?

8. This Little Piggy

This Little PiggyImage Source

Above: A traditional, cast-iron radiator gets a new lease of life with a coat of pink paint, a cute face and a curly tail. Why would you ever have a plain white radiator again?

9. Brick by Brick

Brick by BrickImage Source

Above: Inspired by Lego, this colourful radiator would look just as good in a living room as it would in a children’s play space.

10. Clip Art

Clip ArtImage Source

Above: These fun and functional radiators are inspired by the humble paperclip, giving a sleek design that’s almost too lovely to hide behind damp towels.

11. Animal Magic

Animal MagicImage Source

Above: Dutch designer Guus Van Leeuwen turns the radiator into a striking sculpture with these animal designs, all bent from a single piece of metal tubing. If you don’t happen to have any furs lying around, you could always just use them to dry your clothes – or warm your front room.

12. Harping On

Harping OnImage Source

Above: The unique shape of this heavenly musical instrument lends itself beautifully to radiator design.

13. Go Camo

Go CamoImage Source

Above: This radiator is disguised as a piece of wall art. It looks great – just don’t ruin it by draping your smalls over the top.

14. A Bit Dicey

A Bit Dicey<Image Source

Above: These dice-shaped radiators can either be stacked on top of each other or laid out side-by-by-side. Just don’t throw them.

15. Nice work

Nice workImage Source

Above: If you’re going to stick a lump of white metal to your living room wall, you might as well make it look interesting. Happily, this ornate, metalwork design by Joris Laarman is designed to heat the place – as well as looking great.

16. Flexible Friend

Flexible Friend<Image Source

Above: Designers Stefano Ragaini & Giorgio Di Tullio created this piece of genius: a radiator in the form of a hose, a.k.a. ‘The Ciussai Radiator’. Flexible in more ways than one, it can be coiled up or stretched out to the parts of the room that need it most.

17. Pipe Dreams

Pipe DreamsImage Source

Above: This innovative radiator keeps drafty rooms warm in winter by directing heat way above the curtain hemline, eliminating the problem of heat vanishing beneath drapes. It also looks great too, in a church organ kind of way.

18. Bottle it up

Bottle it upImage Source

Bottle it up 2Image Source

Above: A radiator is essentially a giant hot water bottle, which is why this quirky design works so well. It’s supposed to look like a hot water bottle and whilst you’d never get it to bed, that bright pop of turquoise would brighten up the dullest of bathrooms.

19. Last Man Standing

Last Man StandingImage Source

Above: The cute Gigi radiator is designed to be moved from room to room, meaning you can take the heat with you.

20. Relight my Fire

Relight my FireImage Source

Above: The Supratherm glass radiator is designed for bathrooms, but this one would look great inside a traditional fireplace. It emits visible warmth in the form of ‘real’ flames, giving it that cosy, fireside feel – without a poker or a lump of coal in sight.

21. Photographic Evidence

 Photographic EvidenceImage Source

Above: Designer radiators can certainly make a big difference to a room, but if you don’t want a total overhaul, just go for a temporary cover like this one. Make a collage of memorable photos, or just have one big image printed across the front.

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