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21 August 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Budget Plan

  • How do I open a Budget Plan Account?

    Download our Direct Debit Mandate form, complete it and post it to us at the address contained on the form.

  • How much will I pay each month?

    The amount you pay each month depends on your own annual usage. We recommend that you start with a minimum monthly payment of €150.00. This payment amount may be increased or decreased to match your usage during the Budget Year.

  • How will I know my account balance?

    Register here with your account number for Online Access to your account. Once registered you can login anytime from the 'My Account' box on our homepage to check your balance and manage your account.

  • Will the amount I pay each month change?

    This will only happen if your monthly payments are not sufficient to clear your account by the end of the Budget Year. Any change will be notified to you in your monthly statement.

  • What dates can Direct Debits be taken on?

    Direct Debit payments are processed on either the 15th, 20th or 27th of the month. Please select the date which best suits you.

  • How do I change my monthly payment?

    Contact your local depot and we will make the change for you.

  • Can I carry a balance forward from one year to the next?

    It is not possible to carry a debit balance forward from one budget year to the next. The budget plan runs from June to May each year and the balance must be clear at the end of this period.

    If, at any point in this period, your regular payments will not clear the balance on your account, your monthly payment will be recalculated. This is to spread the balance on your account evenly over the remaining months ensuring there is no lump sum to be paid at the end of the budget year in May.

    You can also make cash payments to the account in addition to your monthly direct debit to clear the account.

  • Can I place an order online?

    Your initial order should be placed by contacting your local depot.

    Subsequent orders can be placed through this website. You will need your account number to place the order and by selecting 'Jones Oil Direct Debit' as the payment method, you continue to make your payments through your budget plan.

  • Are there any charges for this service?

    There are no interest or any other hidden charges for this service. The price you pay for your oil is the price quoted on the day of delivery.

  • What if my account is in credit?

    If your account is in credit and you do not require a delivery of oil you may request a refund of the credit balance.

    Please note that due to SEPA banking regulations brought in during 2014, all direct debits must be on the account for 8 weeks before the amount can be refunded.

  • Can I close my account?

    If you wish to close your Budget Plan account at any time please contact your local depot. We will ask you to clear any outstanding balance on your account. On request, a refund will be issued for any credit balance on the account, following the note above.

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