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21 August 2019

Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips

The following hints an.d tips will help you maximise energy efficiency in your home.

Where is heat lost in the home?


Up to 20% of heat lost from a home is lost through the roof. Effective attic insulation can pay for itself within two to three years.

Hot Water Cylinder

A lagging jacket on the hot water cylinder will keep water hotter for longer and pay for itself within a few months.


For a given area of wall or window, a window will allow up to eight times more heat to escape.


As much as one quarter of the heat lost from a house can be lost through the walls. Properly insulating walls can reduce this by two-thirds.


Badly fitting windows and external doors can account for more than one-sixth of heat loss.

Ground floor

Heat loss to the ground depends on several factors, including floor type, whether house is one or two-storey, nature of soil and terraced or detached construction.

Achieving Economy in Heating Costs

General Maintenance
- Routine servicing of fuel burning appliances is recommended.

- Install the boiler indoors if possible rather than in an outdoor boilerhouse, thereby utilising heat output from the boiler and from pipe-work.
- Install a balanced flue on an indoor unit to avoid drawing warm air from within the dwelling.

Automatic Control
- Install automatic controls such as:
- Good quality room thermostats or thermostatic radiator valves.
- Programmable timer controls for space heating and hot water provision, including advanced optimum start/stop controls or optimisers.
- Separate space heating and hot water circuits with separate timer and thermostatic controls for each.

- Ensure there is effective insulation of heat distribution pipe-work running outdoors, underground or through unheated spaces.


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